Week 16 : Happy New Year : I wish us Happiness and Harmony…

People usually tell good resolutions at the end of the year for the New Year like : losing weight, quitting smoking, saving money etc…
Personally I didn’t make a list with good resolutions. As I started my good resolutions with the MKMMA course a few months ago. I just wanted to become the better version of myself. My journey was a long quiet river. I admit it has been tough especially the last weeks. I don’t want to use excuses or to complain. I know I didn’t post anything recently… I was abroad and could not attend last webinar. I need to listen to it. I only printed the materials to understand what Mark or Davene would refer to.

People usually tell good resolutions at the end of the year for the New Year like : losing weight, quitting smoking, saving money etc…
Personally I didn’t make a list with good resolutions. But I decide today to


I particularly appreciate the fact I was at the webinar this week. I missed it. I feel positive and motivated to continue this journey with confidence. So motivated that I decided to blog my post now…

I like the idea that new habits will change the way we think and the way we act.
The 5 habits we focus on thanks to MKMMA are :
* Gratitude
* Kindness
* Movement
* “The Sit”
* “Reliving” a nice moment



As required, I will focus on Kindness… and I am looking forward to make little kind things with expectation of being thanked for.
I wish you all a wonderful week …
With full faith and love,


Week 8, 9 and 10 : I am still there…



I know I haven’t posted anything for week 8 and 9. I don’t like to be late. But I am still on the journey with ups and down sometimes, I admit. I find all the tools we have in our hands very useful to change my mind when I feel down. I help me a lot to transform a negative thought into a positive one.


On week 9, we had to add on the service card the mention:
I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy ! This affirmation is complete and covers all. I smile when I say it. And we know the power of a smile, as Davene informed us about. A smile lasting for 17 seconds means that you have the feeling of happiness for the next 4 hours ! Worth it, you don’t think so? I told my children and my husband the story about the power of smile. Imagine if we all smile 4 times during 17 seconds we will be happy for an entire day ! Just amazing, I think

As Mahatma Gandhi said: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” And Dr. Seuss remarked, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Other quotes about happiness include: Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be,” by Abraham Lincoln and, “I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it,” by Groucho Marx.
Every day is a rebirth and we can decide how we feel. Spiritual growth helps us learn not to let circumstances influence our inner being and state of mind. We manifest composure and detachment, and we develop inner power and strength, all of which are very useful and important tools.

Spiritual growth doesn’t mean escaping from responsibilities, behaving strangely and becoming an impractical person. It is a method of growing and becoming a stronger, happier and more responsible person.

What does a balance life required? It requires that we take care not only of the necessities of the body, feelings and mind, but also of the spirit, and this is the role of spiritual growth.
In  my DMP poster I put a picture of a plant growing which represents spiritual growth. I saw the link with the exercise we were asked to do on week 9 from Haanel. This week we have to visualize 3 shapes and I choose the colors I put on my shapes representing my PPNs with the same colors. Funny to discover connections between all we do and experiment.


I ‘ll end up my post with this : “Dream big and believe in yourself!”. We are on our way…

Week 7: Peace clears the Mind … Love restores the Vision

Week 7 was quite a strange week for me. I started the mental diet with enthusiasm. I rapidly had to realise that positive thinking all the time during 7 days wasn’t such easy as I thought it would be. I struggle but go on… Here in the Wallis (Switzerland) where we moved for more than a year now, we are used to have a nice climate. It is quite a change for us coming from Belgium. But this week the temperatures fell down and it rained a lot. And the snow appeared only higher in the mountains. I felt annoyed by these rainy days. I know how pointless this reaction is. That’s why I saw the link between the rain and the need to clean my spirit… Thinking about Scroll 2 from Og Mandino helped me a lot : “I will greet this day with love in my heart. And how will I do this? Henceforth will I look on all things with love and I will be born again. I will love the sun for it warms my bones; yet I will love the rain for it cleanses my spirit…”


Yesterday I attented a very interesting lecture hold by Sylvie Ouellet who is  a Canadian lecturer and writer. The theme was : How to live and die with a soul in peace? 
This conference spoke to me on different levels. I understood why it is so important to work on ourself and to listen to our inner self. Our soul has chosen to come to the earth to make experiments and leave the earth lighter. We need to remember and be fully conscious that we are spiritual beings. Our soul never dies, it only changes. The movement of life is to bring us to be transformed. Pain means resistance. When we understand it all, we can accept and act here and now to lighten our luggage for the hereafter. And guess what? The only luggage we bring with us in the hereafter is our thoughts and our emotions… Being aware that we have to give up, even adjust our choices to be able to transform what does not pleased us in our world within. And find peace here and now… Our work with all the tools we received  weekly from Mark, Davene and our guides is exactly what can change our life.
A man who survived from a concentration camp during the 2d ww war said : “Our inner peace is the only thing they couldn’t take from us”.
Every day is a rebirth… So I go on the mental diet, being a good observer of my thoughts. I accept it isn’t always easy. But I feel confident because I know now more than ever how my MKMMA journey will transform me. It makes me feel in peace… I can be what I will to be !


Week 6 : the Gal in the glass…

“I will greet each day with love in my heart” .
This week on the 1st of November, I started to read scroll 1 instead of beginning to read scroll 2 from GS. I remembered after my midday meal that we had to read scroll 2. I thought I would miss scroll 1 (I loved this new habit, 3x/day). But after the first sentence “I will greet each day with love in my heart”, I knew I would love to read the new scroll even more than the first… Yesterday I went to my new hairdresser who is not a ‘classic’ hairdresser because she cut hair according to Chinese meridians using the vibration of the razor. This method allows to become aware that our hair are just like our inner world. It is my second experience. The first time I learned a lot about myself thanks to the history of my hair. Very interesting ! She always starts by asking me to take an ‘angels’ card’. I took “Wisdom”. And a bottle of essential oil with a Hebrew letter. I got “Aleph” which represents the number 1 and indicates the search for unity to give the boost in a new path… It is represented by the sacrum, the chakra of the Heart…
In everything I do and everyone I meet I see links with my work with MKMMA…

I’m lucky I already received the compass… Nice image to live by the Compass, not the clock. What the Movie Poster is concerned, I collected pictures but I must confess I need to put everything together and hang all the shapes everywhere… I promess to finish everything before Sunday 😉

The sheet with “The Gal in the Glass” hangs on the mirror in the bathroom. It is a sacred moment when I read it before going to bed. This poem made me think of a scene in the film of Luc Besson “Angel – A”.
Watch below and enjoy … You can’t love others if you don’t love you first.


Interview of KateJoy by Lilou Macé  – October 20th 2028

Lilou met Kate in a sunny terrace at the Crans Ambassador. It is a luxury Sport Resort immersing you in the heart of the Swiss Alps. As soon as guests step into the hotel, a 180° view of Europe’s highest, most stunning peaks takes their breath away. She welcomed her with a great smile. Her eyes were shining.

Kate confessed that she remembered years ago when she started in 2012 to feel interested by personal development and she listened to the interviews about inspiring people Lilou made all over the world. She couldn’t believe it was now her turn to be the guest of Lilou.

Lilou  : how did you make to redesign your life and become this inspiring person which awakens others starting by children?
Kate : It all started a year later we moved from Belgium to Switzerland. My husband had found a new career opportunity. I had quitted my job and was beginning to start a new business from home. I knew I wanted to do something totally different. It was time for me to listen to my inner voice. I had friends who had attented a 6 months course called MKMMA : MasterKey MasterMind Alliance 3 years ago and it profoundly had change them and their life. I felt I had to attend it as well. No more excuses as I had more free time than before. I was just scared because my English knowledge wasn’t perfect and it would be too difficult for me to do all the requirements, especially the writing parts. I learned so much and never regretted it.
I became aware that everything came from within. I understood I was powerful if I could control my thoughts. I remembered me mumbling “I can be what I will to be”. It filled me with force I didn’t possess before or I wasn’t aware I possessed. I did the work required. It was a tough time. But week after week my light began to shine and I felt more and more confident. Success came as a result of all persistent actions. My husband and I built a prosperous business and helped people all over the world to improve their health and finance. And all my definite major purpose or Dharma became true. We enjoy travelling all over the world with our family.

Lilou : You must be proud of your journey to success?
Kate : Yes, I am now living a life with purpose, on purpose and of purpose. The 2 personal pivotal needs I had expressed during my MKMMA course which were Spiritual Growth and Liberty are fulfilled. I am filled with joy and gratitude. I have freedom of time and money.

Lilou : I heard you give workshops of meditation and philosophy to children at primary schools ?
Kate : It is wonderful to be in service to others. As you know, the more you give, the more you get. It is greatly satisfying to see the interest and joy on the children. It is my way to contribute for a better world because I believe it all starts with young generations.

Lilou: Thank you for sharing us the way you became who you are. Could you just add something to end up our interview?
Kate: I would say : “You can do anything… but you can’t do everything. Define your definite chief aim in life and believe in yourself. Live in peace with yourself and you will live in peace with the Universe”.

Week 5 : nobody said it would be easy …

31th of October

I just listened to the webinar of week 6. It is late for me in Switzerland… but I want to write a few words…

Last week I went to Belgium with my family. The children were on vacations: they were so happy to see family as well as friends. My husband and I had planned a lot of appointments for our new business. Thus a quite busy week between work, seeing family and friends.
I managed to postpose a planned dinner to the restaurant with my sister, her family and my mother to be able to listen to the webinar of week 5. I heard we had to write a press release… It is not easy for me to write in English. And we had to write one more text… and even more a press release directly related to our DMP. What the DMP is concerned, I managed thanks to the advices of my Guide to have it done.

I knew it would be challenging. I wasn’t home to do all the work : the readings, the sits and to write my post and the press release we are asked to write in the past tense. It was a bit frustrating for me because I am used to be a ‘good student’. I had to admit that this time I won’t be able to write on time… Now I am back home and I will catch up time step by step and do my best to have it done…

Strange exercise this week to give no opinion. I became aware that we all have opinions and to keep them for me wasn’t always a piece of cake… I am improving on that and working on it.
This Sunday afternoon my husband and I assisted to a seminar called ‘Tournée 110%’ of Frank Nicolas, a well-known French coach. He gave us 3 keys to be at 110% in our life :
1. To definite the Why
2. To have Energy
3. To manifest Gratitude
It was a powerful event. We met wonderful people.
It all sounded familiar for me and I realised how powerful MKMMA was… I will end up with : THANK YOU

Week 4 : I can be what I will to be …



The webinar from last Sunday was very interesting. As Mark told us, this is the 100% week: or you commit 100% or you quit this journey. I decide to commit 100% for the better and the worse. I prefer to create the better.I no more count the times I say or mumble “Do it now!” or “I can be what I will to be”. These words are now part of my daily routine. “Every time you repeat it realize who and what this “I” is; try to come into a thorough understanding of the true nature of the “I”; and if you do, you will become invincible; that is, provided that your objects and purposes are constructive and are in harmony with the creative principle of the Universe”, says Haanel. Thoughts are spiritual energy. I now understand how powerful thoughts can produce powerful results. I love this idea… It gives me confidence in everything I do. As Mark suggested : go for the “I”, not the human side of yourself which is the mind and body but go for the spiritual side of yourself. I decide to operate from the “World Within”. I now understand that if I learn to control myself, I will find the “World Within” which controls the “World Without”. And people and things will respond to my every wish without any effort on my part. Isn’t it amazing ?

I particularly appreciate the new card with the flow of giving and receiving. It feels so good to give and receive and being aware of it. The more we give the more we shall get.

Today I received a surprise from Terez, my devoted MKMMA Guide. It filled me with joy. It was a beautiful postcard with 2 symbolic items: a magnifying glass and a compass. I feel grateful to have her as a Guide and appreciate her useful advices to improve my DMP.
I am almost there 😉 …

I will end up my post from this week with the following inspiring sentence Mark said :
Persistent Practice Produces Perfect Presentations
which means the same as : “Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance”, the previous sentence he used to say. Even if it has the same meaning, the first one sounds much more powerful as it is said in a positive way ;-)…